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Tips for Owning Senior Cats

Owning a senior cat is an amazing thing. You have a cat that is at a different point in life, and simply hoping to enjoy everything. While many are still young at heart and rather adventurous, they still require different care and nutrition. In order to ensure that their complete health and well being are in check, you need to care for them differently. They require more help and consideration than other cats do, especially since they have already figured out what they like. By understanding that senior cats are different from kittens, you will be able to give them the health and enjoyment that they deserve.

If you just brought home a senior cat, you need to keep in mind that this cat has already settled into what it likes. It already has its own personality and it has already figured out where it is in life. This is something that you need to realize quickly, especially if it is bothered by anything that you are doing. You cannot force a cat to change, and you should not want to. Learn more about the personality that this senior has and appreciate it. Try to make it happy by giving him or her what is desired. This will give you and the cat the chance to relax and enjoy life.

Nutrition is a major part of cat health. For seniors, this means that they need food specifically for what they are going through. Senior cats are at a different point in life and are dealing with various other issues. If you want to make sure that they are at their best, you are going to want to buy food specifically for their conditions or needs. No matter what your cat is currently going through or how age is affecting them, you need to make sure that you buy the food that is appropriate. Many will focus on various areas of health, like brain or bones, so consider where your cat needs help the most.

Overall cat heath should be kept in mind, as well. As your cat ages, they are going to be more likely to suffer from certain diseases and medical conditions. This is the same for humans, and you can expect it in cats, too. To make sure that they are in perfect health, you need to make regular visits with the vet and understand what is happening with your cat. Have an idea of their current health and stay on top of it. By keeping an eye on everything, you will be able to keep them in the optimal condition.

Senior cats also need some basic help with grooming and self care. The older they are the less active that they will likely become. There is also the issue with bone health and pain when moving around, which is normal when seniors begin to develop arthritis. With all of this affecting their health, they are going to need you there assisting them. Helping with nail trimmings, grooming, and keeping everything within their reach will make life a lot easier and as pain free as possible.


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