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Litter Training for your Kitten

So, you are looking for some cat tips on how to train your new kitten to use the litter box?  Well, litter box training your cats and kittens is generally considered much easier than house training your puppies and dogs.  This is probably because cats are not expected to have to walk outside and tend to fall into a normal routine much more quickly than dogs.  However, every once in a while you might meet a kitten that possesses a slight stubborn streak.  Here are some tips that will help in the training process for the optimum kitten health of your friendly feline.

Placement of the Litter Box

If you happen to have more than one in your home at a time, then you may need to consider the use of multiple litter boxes.  Some cats can be very territorial while others seem to have no preference whatsoever.  Of course, multiple litter boxes also means more frequent cleaning.  The selection of the proper location is usually a critical factor.  Most house pets do not like to use the bathroom in an area that is very nearby their food and water dishes.  They also like these litter boxes to be tucked away in safe spaces that are far away from heavily trafficked areas.

Show them the Way!

In most cases when you first bring your new kitten home, all that you need to do is simply place your new pet inside the litter box a few times per day until he or she begins to pick up on the idea that this is the perfect place for relieving themselves.  Allow them to play and scratch inside the litter, and simply wait for nature take its course.  Generally, the only time that kittens will avoid the use of the litter box is when it is excessively full.  Therefore, one of the most useful cat tips for training is that you will need to clean your litter box frequently in order to maintain the kitten health of your new furry companion.




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