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Knowing the facts behind rescuing and adopting cats

Have you observed that in very town and city there is a feral cat group colony? Cat lovers might promptly think of their own-much loved cats with cosy dresses and chic square meals, right? As a matter of fact, there are several dedicated volunteers worldwide who have concerns in throwing their efforts in helping those domestic cats living wild through range of animal programs like assistance, sterilization and homing for their good sake.

Difference of stray cats and feral cats

Cats are animals that must be respect and need care as well. Stray cats are those cats who had already grown up with humans but since they were abandoned, they need to wander elsewhere and live with other wild cats and considered homeless. At least to some degree of cats, they have usually been socialized to be accepted by humans as munificent. Feral cats may not have been fully domesticated for generations already but they able to establish group of colonies where they breed promptly. In fact, it is possible for feral cats to create new generation of their colony in just 6 months, imagine that? These cats are socialized in relation to other breed of cats but they have little experience in engaging with humans compared to stray cats. Based on studies, feral cats already have this instinct that people are to be feared not to consider as a friend. Nevertheless, feral cats are can also be friendly depending on their personality but majority of them are not able to adapt with humans. Others are too shy and suspicious and can easy resist handling by people that’s why it is quite challenging to rescue feral cats and adopt them compared to stray cats.

Re-homing feral and stray cats

Cat rescue authorities give advices and information on the issue of re-homing and rescuing cats. Under normal situations, kittens develop trust in humans early in the first two or three weeks of their life and existence. Some people believe that even at six weeks, the window for socialization of kittens are closing too fast. In normal practice, it depends heavily on the individual cat if it will adapt changes on its life together with people or not. Some cats may resist it at a young age whereas they prefer to live in streets with other cats and we cannot stop them by doing that as they are known to be independent animals. It is true, however, we can do our best for them to live with us for long period of time and it will surely take time to accustomed people in their domestic life which we have to work on with for the success.

Tips for potential adopters

Cat rescue is different from cat adoption. If you decided to adopt a cat, make sure that your feral or stray cat has been checked by a veterinarian and vaccinated by the doctor to avoid getting contaminated by its saliva (bite) and scratch (nails). Make sure also that the cat that you are going to adopt is sterilized too.

During the first days of your adopted cat, it is not advisable to socialize it urgently with your other pets as it may start a fight between them. It is recommended to practice your cat first staying inside your home and do whatever it wants to do as we all know that cats are having hard time to socialize with other cats and other animals.

Don’t push your agenda if you are not capable of handling it. If you think you can’t do the responsibility in taking good care of them then resist yourself from adopting cats for your own sake and freedom of cats.

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Knowing the facts behind rescuing and adopting cats

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