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Advice for Getting Your First Cat

If you are looking for that adorable cat or kitten to bond with and share your life, take a little time and do some research. Adopting a kitten or a cat is a commitment that you should take very seriously. Just like a baby, your furry new friend is going to depend on you for many things. Jump on the internet and do some legitimate research and take some notes so that you won’t be blindsided when your cute new companion arrives. Some basic cat tips are:

  • Study and learn about basic cat care
  • Will your new companion stay indoors or outside
  • Pick out a veterinarian that loves cats
  • Learn about cat safety
  • Food and nutrition
  • Where to adopt
  • Traveling with cats
  • Litter box
  • Scratching Needs

These are just a few topics you will need to research. A few things to think of may sound like a no-brainer but many people simply do not consider even the basics before taking the plunge. When you first bring your cat or kitten home, make sure you have selected a small area that he or she can make “their area”. A corner of a room, the bathroom, the back of the closet or any other private are will work. Don’t fret, they will come out and socialize with you but, they need their own space.

Take some time and walk around your home to look for things that you do not want your cat or kitten to get into. Especially anything that might be dangerous. Cat-proofing your home will be bring peace of mind and keep the kitty safe.

When selecting food for your new companion, don’t just pick what’s on sale. Nutrition is very important for any animal and make sure they have plenty of fresh water available all the time. Again, for additional cat tips go online and do a little research to find the best food for the age of your cat or kitten. Also, what they eat and how much they eat will change as they grow older. Talk to your veterinarian at each check-up about nutrition and any needed supplements.


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